29 Ekim 2013 Salı

material models -remake

3D solid 1x1x0.5

surface /floor 1x1

functional divider wall 1x1


material models no.1

3D solid 1x1x0.2

surface / floor 1x1

vertical and standing object 1x1

experiments and thoughts about a material : aluminium

As a project we had to choose a material from urban context.I've wanted to work with metals for so long.My first choice was steel but in terms of accessibility and flexibility i changed my decision to aluminium



soft but it can save its shape


analysis of caddebostan coast

One of the most famous green public space in Istanbul is Caddebostan Coast; peaceful, calm , mostly safe.

notes from Caddebostan

"Bostan" means orchard in Turkish but it is just a history for Caddebostan. Nowadays it has three beaches (950 meters long) and also it's filled with rock to increase the space which is probably related to the economic features of  Caddebostan and Bagdat Street. Bagdat Street includes a lot of shops and restourants and also luxury attractions.The coast is preferred by the wealthy part of society in terms of housing.But you can find every kind of person in the park thanks to wide sociological spectrum of Istanbul.

In terms of activity and space Caddebostan Coast differs from the other parks in Istanbul because it has bycyle roads! Also in Turkish society daily exercise isn't a fundamental part of city life but in Caddebostan most of the people prefer to do yoga,jogging,skateboarding,rollerblading..etc.There is a basketboll field,cafe and a public toilet which works with transportation cart -akbil- of Istanbul.

While most of the individuals' feet were resting, caddebostan was ;

to be continued

13th Istanbul Biennal - mom am i barbarian?

two works from antrepo

untitled (2013)

by Adam Kokesch , living and working in Budapest,Hungary

At first these installations left a little bit confusing impression on me but the help of the notes from curator at least i've learned where i should start.I left some hints below 

.creating a new language by using,signs,objects,models,codes and nature
.linking many diciplines like linguistic,architecture,industrial design,information technologies and cinema
.linking     bauhaus aesthetics
                 malevich's supermatist black squares
                 futurism with a pop touch

Diadmagneti(c/sm) species

HONF(the house of natural fiber) foundation,founded in 1999 in Yogyakarta,Indonesia

HONF foundation was born against nepotism and govermental corruption of Suharto regime and they also focus on political mess after Indonesian revolution.

The Diamagneti (c/sm) species is an interactive media project which gives an opportunity for brand new communication technique.It convert basic language of life forms into some sort of data that can be perceived like sound or image. Hyperdimensional Hexagon Project by HONF is a system that can catch the frequency from life forms and convert the data to a format that can be heard,seen or felt.The Diamagneti (c/sm) species  makes visible the communication between humans and plants.